Ruso negro Terrier

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Kennel focused on performance (work,sport), quality exterior and mainly healthy and happy life of our dogs offer two last puppies (Girl and Boy) born 26.11.2014. Parents are very successful show and working dogs (members of Rescue brigade and passionate defenders dogs),both HD-A. Papa Eru have got 1 ... 8 working certificates(!!) : ZZO, ZPO, ZPU-1,ZPU-2, IPO, ZM, BH, FPR1, FPR2, FPR3, StPR1, StPR2, StPR3, ZZZ, ZVP-1, RH-WA, RH-LA, RH-E. Exhibition awards: Champion CZ, Club.Champion CZ, 2x kand.Champ.PL, Nationalwinner, 2x Regionalwinner, BOB Club CZ, BOB PL, r.CACIB, NPwR. Mama Orinoco is Champion CZ, kand. Champion HR, Nationalwinner, Regionalwinner, BOB Club CZ, r.CACIB. Working certificate: ZZZ, BH, FPR1, FPR2, StPR1, StPR2, ready for IPO1. Both Parents and Puppies living with us in the house (no kenels). Puppies are teached to be clean, socialized with kids and other animals, got used to differed environments and having basic work exercise done:) More info in Annex.

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